July 01, 2004

Some overdue thank you's are in order

I have been linked to by some very smart people and I owe them a thank you note, which they will get, and a link on my page (because they are deserving, not because they linked to me first) which I will do soon. But, before I add them to my list, I want to thank them publicly and call your attention to them (in no particular order) as they are all worth a visit:

Irish Elk is a beautiful looking page with fantastic pictures integrated with smartly written text;

Zya's Ramblings is an interesting page written by a poet/accountant who is a Portuguese/American/Aussie going to University in Australia;

Hannah's Collection is the work of an American IT student living, studying, loving, and growing up in the Netherlands;

Indigo Blues is a page that veers from the comic to the searingly sad as this woman, cloaked in anonymity, writes openly, movingly, and beautifully about her life and struggles and hopes for the future;

Photojournaliste is a blog by a Canadian who works internationally as a photo-journalist.

Thank you all for finding me "link worthy"!

Posted by Random Penseur at July 1, 2004 10:26 AM
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