June 22, 2004

Showcase of new blogs

Simon is running a Showcase of New Blogs. People are being invited to send him posts from blogs which are under three months old for his consideration. My blog is young enough to qualify. I thought I'd ask my readers to send him a post that they particularly liked, assuming there are any, because I'm not sure I can choose. If you'd like to, pick the link and send it as follows:


If you want to submit a post please title the email "Showcase entry" and include the following information in the email:

1. Your blog's name and URL
2. Your post's title and permalink
3. An excerpt or precis of the post for me to put up here to tempt people to read and link to your site.
4. Your name and a contact email address (for verification purposes only)

If there are particular requests you have, please include it in the email and I will do my best to accomodate them. Please try and include all this information as I don't have the time to go hunting for it.

The email address is simon[at]showcase[dot]mu[dot]nu
Thanks, in advance, to anyone who wants to submit anything to Simon from my blog.

Posted by Random Penseur at June 22, 2004 10:27 AM
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