May 20, 2004

This made me Smile Today

From the NY Times today, a story about the son of the First Violinist of the NY Philharmonic in his conducting debut with the Philharmonic during the first rehearsal:

"Take a moment like the passage in Wilhelm Stenhammar's Serenade in F, when the four first violins have exposed solo lines, one after the other. One comes in a tiny bit late. What do you say?

"Mom!" Alan Gilbert said, when faced with this situation in rehearsals for his Philharmonic debut in 2001.

The orchestra musicians tittered. Then, as the remark sank in, they roared.

"I've been waiting to do that for years," Mr. Gilbert said with satisfaction when they had quieted down. The laughter then began all over again."

Posted by Random Penseur at May 20, 2004 08:20 AM
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