August 25, 2004

Nepal, continued

Eagle eyed readers of this blog may recall that I wrote, last week, about the blockade of Katmandu by the Maoist rebels. That entry garnered no comments so I don't really know if anyone, besides me, is interested in the topic. But, nevertheless, there is a follow up. The rebels have announced that they have lifted the blockade after appeals from humanitarian groups. As you may recall, the capital was running out of food and cooking fuel. The rebels have not, however, moderated their demands for the release of rebels held prisoner by the government.

As I said before, if the rebels hold the rope and can tighten it into a noose around the capital at will, this rebellion might be all but over.

Posted by Random Penseur at August 25, 2004 07:25 AM

There is interest, definitely. Just not much in the way of constructive commentary. ;-)

Posted by: Jim at August 25, 2004 10:52 AM

I've read a few times about the Nepalese
Ghurkas serving as private security in
Iraq. Presumably these are retired folks,
but I don't know much about Ghurkas, which I
thought were Nepalese British Military.

Any thoughts?

Posted by: tex at August 25, 2004 07:03 PM
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