September 07, 2004

Everybody Out of The Pool: Summer's Over

I am sorry to say that summer is over. Here are a couple of pictures of summer I took yesterday to keep us warm during the coming cold:




Posted by Random Penseur at September 7, 2004 08:53 AM

Oh, my.

Heavenly. Thank you for sharing them!

Posted by: Emma at September 7, 2004 11:40 AM

Are you a sailor? I have a small two-man boat myself and have been sailing for almost 15 years. Beautiful scenes, btw. Thanks for posting them.

Posted by: mallarme at September 7, 2004 04:46 PM

I'm glad y'all liked these. I took 'em yesterday.

Mike, I used to sail before I had kids. They can't really swim yet and so, like so many other things, I've given it up (for the meantime) since the arrival of the wee ones.

Posted by: rp at September 7, 2004 05:10 PM

It was 101 here on Saturday. We get our Indian summer in September and October. Endless summer! The East Coast Girls are hip, but they aren't California girls. Not by a longshot!

Posted by: Mark D. Firestone at September 7, 2004 10:07 PM

Long Island Sound, For my money. Am I right?

Posted by: Mark D. Firestone at September 8, 2004 08:35 AM

The Long Island Sound it is!

Posted by: RP at September 8, 2004 10:08 AM

Woohoo! Double or nothing: The pictures were taken from the Connecticut shoreline looking towards Long Island.

Posted by: Mark D. Firestone at September 8, 2004 09:12 PM


Posted by: Jim at September 9, 2004 09:08 AM
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