January 10, 2005

The Girl Child - Saturday

Friday night, my wife and I went out to dinner. We dined at a private club. One of the very good things about dining at a private club is also one of the very bad things about dining at a private club: the cocktails are poured with a generous hand. I ordered a Maker's Mark and soda. Out came a glass filled about 85% to the top with bourbon and a small bottle of soda on the side. I drank it, more fool, I. I ended up with that over served feeling and somehow, somewhere in my house that night, contrived to mislay my cell phone.

Saturday evening comes, and I am still looking for it. The Girl Child comes in and asks me what I'm doing. I tell her that I'm looking for my cell phone and this is what she says:

Perhaps I can help?

Me: [Completely taken aback by having the not yet four year old girl child use the word "perhaps" in a sentence] That would be great.

GC: [Steps into the middle of my bedroom, peers around for about five seconds and calls out in a loud and determined voice] Ok! Where the HECK is that phone!?!

I did eventually find it. Just in case you were wondering.

Posted by Random Penseur at January 10, 2005 07:43 AM

I want one!

Perhaps. Maybe. Well not really at 6am on Sunday mornings. Just yet.

Posted by: Mia at January 10, 2005 09:35 AM


glad you had a good time.
and she never ceases to amaze us all.

(still giggling)

Posted by: standing naked at January 10, 2005 10:24 AM

The child has truckloads of patience!!!

Lovely story, Random!

Posted by: Mick at January 10, 2005 03:08 PM

Ha, ha, ha!! Great story, Penseur.

Posted by: Jester at January 10, 2005 09:35 PM

I'm surprised she didn't suggest you call the cell to find it. :)

Posted by: Margi at January 11, 2005 02:10 AM
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