April 01, 2005

Some random, disconnected thoughts

I have way too much going on right now to impose the kind of intellectual rigor required to produce a good, or at least decent, coherent post, so, as is my wont from time to time, I give you the following disconnected observations and thoughts that are rattling around in my head:

*I'm sorry that the Pope appears to be dying. On balance, I think he was a force for good and that the world will be a poorer place without him. That isn't to say I agreed with everything he did, or every position he took, because that would likely be impossible. But still, I'm sorry.

*I have not blogged about the elections in Zimbabwe. As you may know, the situation there has concerned me for many years. However, the regular media is paying lots of attention and I have nothing new to add. When the NY Times and the rest of the world goes away, I'll be back poking at it with a sharp stick.

*I read the newspaper on the train in the morning and then watch television news while working out. Does the television news channel rely almost entirely on the print media who, my issues with them to one side, do an outstanding job in comparison to the television types?

*There is something so relaxing about bringing a cup of coffee into the steam room after working out that it verges on the obscene.

*Putting your house together to sell is an exercise in small deceptions as you try to erase most, if not all, evidence of the fact that you live there. I will be keeping that in mind as I return on Saturday to the house my wife and I will most likely be buying. In the meantime, I hope nothing major happens to my house *fingers crossed*.

*Being a parent, any kind of parent (working, stay at home, whatever), is an exercise in applied guilt. Always being torn between different obligations, always trying to be patient with children, always feeling like you are short changing someone or something. Guilt. Learn to live with it because it ain't going away.

*Helen has had a birthday and is changing demographic groups. She might appreciate a happy birthday wish.

*Elizabeth is having a particularly tough time these days. If you have a moment, I suspect a kind word, while not helping any, would at least not go amiss.

*How can you not be impressed with the way Simon is kicking butt on readership? Congratulations to you, Simon, on a great blog!

*The heavens are supposed to open up this weeked and dump 3-5 inches of rain on us in a roughly 24 hour period. I've had better news, but, at least it ain't snow.

*I yearn for summer, for the shirt off on the beach, for making sand castles with my kids, for the smell of sun screen, for chlorine in the kiddy pool, and for rum drinks.

*Finally, I have put my tax information together. Those rum drinks sure sound good right about now.

Have a great weekend, y'all!

Posted by Random Penseur at April 1, 2005 09:31 AM

All these Johnny Cochran, Terri Schiavo and The Pope opening lines for Amateur Comedy Night keep rolling through my head. All of them base and rude. Can't seem to help it.

I blame the media.

Not the written news, but the TV news. Because you're right, TV news melts your brain eventually.

After glimpsing the recent Schiavo circus on network TV, I feel like I've entered a vegatative state myself. ;-)

And taxes...oh lord. I haven't even started putting it all together yet. *bashes head down upon keyboard with despair* Hate tax time, we have so many side businesses, it's a total nightmare for us.

Good luck on all your endeavors, Random! And remember, the house thing will resolve. Just keep saying that, like a mantra. Even in your sleep... "It will resolve, it will resolve."

Not that it help help a lick, but at least you'll feel somewhat in control. ;-P

Posted by: Amber at April 1, 2005 11:51 AM

Nice words are almost as yummy as sunshine. Oh, I love sunshine, and spring!

I am wishing it east to you. Send up a signal if it gets there.

Meantime, thanks for the nice thought. I raise a rum drink to you and your taxes and your new home (fingers and toes crossed!)

Posted by: Elizabeth at April 1, 2005 12:52 PM

RP, even your random thoughts are better-formed and more coherent than those of most others. And shouldn't you make a post true to the name of your blog every now and then?

I hear you on getting the house marketable. We started doing that late last year. Though we didn't move (we got cold feet and decided to make the best of our current house), we had to keep the fridge and counters clear of everything for a few weeks. I missed the kids' artwork on the fridge most of all.

Posted by: JohnL at April 1, 2005 03:23 PM

Thanks RP. Appreciate it.

Posted by: Simon at April 3, 2005 09:24 PM
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