May 03, 2005

Welsh Rap Review: QRed

QRed was kind enough to email me one of his recent compositions: "Fuck with QRed". It's off his most recent album, 'Survivor Series', out now on Progenitor Inc., done with him and Hos, his deejay. QRed describes his song as a "straight up battle tune". I describe it as hot, with rousing beats, big old bass and drum line, and excellent lyrics. It's got something to it, something I am having problems articulating here but it sort of reminded me of some of the tunes from Apache Indian, like "Make Way for the Indian", if you can remember that song.

In any event, I liked the tune very much and, on that basis, would absolutely recommend the album. I'll get back to you if QRed gives me touring dates and information.

For further information, I direct you to QRed's websites: DRMSolutions and LifePlusRecordings.

Cheers, QRed and thanks for the tracks!

Posted by Random Penseur at May 3, 2005 12:02 PM
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