May 25, 2005

Notes to self

In lieu of a real post, I give you the following "notes to self".

Hey, self, are you listening? Some reminders are in order:

*Don't use the stairmaster for the full 30 minutes when someone else beat you first to the machine of choice because it makes your knees hurt;

*Low sugar or no sugar candy or snacks are still crap;

*A clean Certificate of Occupancy is a happy C of O;

*Don't use your cell phone while crossing the street -- it's a good way to get squashed by a bus because you aren't paying attention to the world around you;

*It isn't necessary to prove that you are the smartest guy in the room and in fact by trying to do so, you might just prove the exact opposite;

*Don't guess if you don't know the answer to a question;

*Decisions made in haste, while they may be regretted later, are often the most exhilarating decisions to make; and,

*Have you recently told your wife how much you love her?

Posted by Random Penseur at May 25, 2005 01:47 PM

words to live by, RP.
BTW - Luuuuuuved the hopes going to die post. very poignant and beautifully written!

Posted by: GrammarQueen at May 25, 2005 02:14 PM

I have learned to say " I love you!" at the drop of a hat.

Posted by: Azalea at May 25, 2005 05:27 PM

very interesting

as for the last one - sometimes phone messages of such things...well...
they always work for me

oh - and yes, please - try not to be hit by a bus!

Posted by: sn at May 26, 2005 07:26 AM
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