July 18, 2005

The kids in the car

We were driving home on Saturday night, after going out for dinner with my parents and a cousin and my grant-aunt, all of whom had been visiting with my grandfather. The children were a little over tired and maybe not on their best behavior. The Girl Child and the Boy Child were squabbling a bit in the back seat. He'd reach over and touch her and she'd object, loudly, and then complain that he was touching her. Then she made a noise that the Boy Child imitated. That infuriated her. She demanded that the Boy Child stop copying her. So, I started to copy her, too. (I never claimed to be a grown up). Then, with all three of us making a huge cacophony, my wife yelled at us all in Norwegian and told us to be quiet. She then told us it was quiet time and the next one to talk would lose.

Silence reigned in the car.

And then a little voice in the backseat whispered: "Boy Child, snakk." [speak]

And he did, of course. And it was all my wife and I could do not to laugh.

Posted by Random Penseur at July 18, 2005 02:46 PM | TrackBack

Please tell me that they were intially holding hands..... :-)

Hope your Grandfather is doing as well as can be expected, RP. Thoughts and prayers continue on my end.

Posted by: Wicked H at July 18, 2005 04:01 PM

That was such a great post! Can I relate. I do that to my son, when he starts whining. It makes him laugh to have me imitate him at an even higher pitched whinier voice. Kind of like the Whiners on Saturday Night Live. He always reminds me of them and I can't help but laugh.

Posted by: michele at July 18, 2005 10:56 PM

You have adorable children. And reading your posts about them is always so nice. :)

Sorry, my store of eloquence is up for today...

Posted by: Hannah at July 24, 2005 05:32 AM
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