May 22, 2006

Through the haze

I feel a little as if I were underwater, moving just a bit more languidly than the rest of you. It is the result of sleep deprivation. The baby was up at around 3 this morning and I could not get back to sleep. So I move more slowly than the rest of you today. The lethargy creeps up on me and takes me unaware. This post will thus be yet another in my long series of disconnected thoughts and random observations. I simply lack the mental acuity to tune it up into anything else.

* * *

Why does Darien, CT, need a store called Bob's Unfinished Furniture and Gun Exchange? Do people come in looking for a little pine night table and go out with a shotgun? I mean, can you picture the impulse buying?

* * *

The Fugees do nothing for my five year old daughter. Or so she told me in the car yesterday: "Pappa, this song does nothing for me, can you change it?" I hastened to oblige. Besides, it wasn't doing anything for me, either.

* * *

Scurvy, the scourge of the fleet, will not be a problem in my house. Fresh limes, squeezed into a pitcher and combined with copious amounts of to-kill-ya and triple sec, have put paid to that problem. I have perfected the recipe. Simplicity. Eliminate the ice and blender part, quadruple the liquor called for, and you still get the same number of servings as the original recipe -- 6.

* * *

A good read: Cities of Gold: A Journey Across the American Southwest, by Douglas Preston. Enjoyed it very much, even if I did not really agree with all of his political views. The man, a total greenhorn, rode a horse through the desert for over a thousand miles, trying to follow the trail of Coronado as he searched for the mythical cities of gold. A very well written book, indeed.

* * *

I am happy to put this weekend behind me. I have been way too much on edge of late -- for reasons I am not inclined to rehash right here, right now (too darn tired, frankly) -- and not been good company. Too quick to anger, too slow on the patience thing. Not that there weren't some very nice moments. Just, on balance, I'd prefer to not have had the low moments. I need a break and some quality sleep.

* * *

We lost a beautiful apple tree. Sad. It just missed taking out part of the house. Happy. Very happy. Deliriously happy. I have to call the insurance agent and see if we can make a claim.

* * *

You know that the appellate opinion has already been written when you answer the calendar call for oral argument and are allotted only 2 minutes by the panel. 2 minutes. I thought I mis-heard and actually had to ask the presiding justice to repeat himself. I guess, after argument, that the panel wasn't too pleased that we had convinced the trial court to impose a $200,000 sanction on opposing counsel and his client, jointly and severally.

* * *

I was pulled out, unexpectedly, last week to attend a funeral for the grandmother of my college room-mate's wife. She was a lovley woman. When my grandfather died, my friend and his wife took the day off from work and attended my grandfather's funeral and their support was wonderful. It was the least I could do to drop everything and get out there to New Jersey and do the same, offer whatever comfort I could. And so I did.

Standing in the cemetery, I let my attention wander at one point and I looked at the surrounding tombstones. At that point, I realized, yet again, that America has been a wonderful place for Jews. So many of these tombstones were of people who died in advanced old age -- mostly their 90's. I reflected that it was a wonderful thing that they lived in a place where they were able to live so long. Yes, America has been very good for the Jews. I think we have been good for America. It was gratifying to see so many American flags next to so many other tombstones.

* * *

The Viking Bride and I attended a cocktail party on Saturday night. It was our first night out without the baby. It was awfully nice to be a grownup again. Mostly we were seeing people from our old building in Manhattan. I was on the Board of the building and have remained friendly with a number of people. So often, conversation among Manhattanites turns to real estate. I had forgotten. Still, less controversial than politics, I suppose. We didn't get home until very late.

* * *

The Boy Child and I dropped the Girl Child off at a birthday party on Sunday morning and headed off to do what boys do -- we went shopping for sports equipment. We bought 4 mini lacrosse sticks. It was such a great pleasure to hold a lacrosse stick in my hands again, even such a little one as the kid sized ones we bought. I had somehow forgotten how much fun it is. We all spent about half an hour in the bright sunlight on the front lawn trying to learn how to catch and throw and how to scoop the ball up off the ground. My one disappointment is my continued failure to find a left handed throwing baseball glove for the Boy Child. The kid needs a glove.

* * *

I shopped at Walmart for the first time. I was hoping they would have the baseball glove I was looking for. Instead, I bought some whole wheat fig newtons for the kids. What a horrible place. I hope never to return.

* * *

Well, that wraps it up here. I have people to sue and really ought to be off doing that.

Posted by Random Penseur at May 22, 2006 08:32 AM | TrackBack

Thanks for the link to the Cities of Gold book. It's perfect for my mother (a late-late mom's day gift). She's a born adventurer, currently living with my father in Equatorial Guinea, who loves travel books. The family lives in Texas, so this southwest travelbook thing is right up her alley. I just hope she hasn't already read it.

Posted by: David at May 22, 2006 11:33 AM

There is something rather miserable about Wal-Marts. I don't hate them for any of the normal reasons, but I have so many fine reasons all my own that I find myself avoiding the place at all costs.

I'm so glad you and your wife made it out on your own for a night. Getting out after a baby feels so invigorating, even if it doesn't wind up being a long night. It's nice to remember life as grownups.

Posted by: Jordana at May 22, 2006 04:20 PM

The sleep deprivation thing must be viral, it's done up and moved to the south of the Mason-Dixion line too. Seeing how mah, mind ain't functionin' like it normally does I wanted to recap and make sure I understood you post, kinda like a book-report.

So The Fugees on a Margarita fueled bender had a dismal trip to Wal-Mart. They couldn't find the whole wheat fig newtons, but did find mini lacrosse sticks to beat each other with. After somebody had an eye poked out, they decided to sue, hoping secretly to settle out of court for $200,000 or a left handed baseball glove.

Later that night they attended a cocktail party and after being a bit too much on edge as of late they decided to cut down an apple tree. They loaded the tree onto the tour bus and took it to Bob's Unfinished Furniture and Gun Exchange in hopes of him turning it into a bedroom suit, but instead decided to have him make custom stocks for their shotguns.

Sleep who needs sleep. Sleep's for babies. Hence the term sleeping like a baby. Which as I've said before I don't understand. One of life's great mysteries I guess.

I'm going to take my meds now, maybe the voices will quiet down.

Posted by: phin at May 23, 2006 07:02 AM
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