August 17, 2006

A re-discovery

I like it fast and hard. Not a lot of pauses. I like it when you're going so hard that your glasses fog up, when the sweat is dripping down your face. I like it when you have to stretch yourself into positions you never thought you could contort yourself into under the circumstances as you streeeetch. You have to do it with a partner, of course. That's what makes it fun. The sharing of the time and the striving against each other.

I'm talking about squash of course. I played this morning.

Boy have I missed playing squash. I just didn't realize. I took quite a break for several years as I let my elbow heal up. There's just somethinga about the game that is so seductive. The pace is fast, the angles are acute, the shots have to be just so and controlled, all while running around the court, and the reflexes have to be sharp. Oh, and you have to think and react. Damn, but it is fun.

There is another racquet game I would like to play. Ever hear of Court Tennis? Or Real Tennis? It is the game from which regular tennis evolved. There are not a lot of courts in this country. I can think of one in NYC, one in Philly, one in Rhode Island, and one in Tuxedo Park, off the top of my head.

Competition is good. I have been jazzed all day.

Posted by Random Penseur at August 17, 2006 01:40 PM | TrackBack

"Squash" huh? Suddenly, I've a mind to call my husband and see if we can take the afternoon off. :)

Posted by: Margi at August 18, 2006 12:46 PM

I've made some great friends playing squash. It is an intense game in an enclosed space and I get more out of a 45 minute match than when I'm working out by some other means. You can tell a lot about someone about how they - and the opponents I like best are like opposing counsel I like best - they play hard, play to win but don't argue lets if you call them. :-)

PS: Haven't posted for ages but have continued to read your blog. Life seems great for you and yours - it has been fun watching and reading.

Posted by: Vanya at August 18, 2006 08:46 PM

I thought squash was only in Europe? You're the first American that I've heard talk about it .... is it hard on the knees and wrists?

Posted by: Hannah at August 20, 2006 02:08 AM
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