August 26, 2006

Setting him straight

The kids are at my parents' house for the weekend while I recuperate. My father called me last night to tell me about how the Girl Child set him straight on an issue and I wanted to record it so, here it is.

Grandfather: Boy Child! I need you to sit down right now and finish your dinner.

Girl Child: Grandpa, no, that isn't true. You don't need him to sit down and finish his dinner, you want him to sit down and finish his dinner.

I gather my dad was the tiniest bit flabergasted. As well he should be. I mean, she's only about 5 and a half.

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A vastectomy is a show of true manhood, so much more than flexing one's muscles or jumping on a Harley; it's a sexy, manly, liberated thing, a turn on. Forget the quiche, and here's to the discomfort quickly fading into dim memory and a very quick recovery. (The downside to Cipro is nausea which makes it unpleasant to eat; the upside to Cipro is nausea which may bring about weight loss) ...and as Jewish traditon goes, you may be trend setting an evolving trilogy: bris, bar mitzvah, vasectomy.

Posted by: Naomi at August 27, 2006 03:48 PM
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