October 16, 2006

Today, my stress levels go to eleven

Stress one. The nanny gave notice last night. She has also given what amounts to a truly insufficient notice period. Three weeks. As I explained to her, when one of our nannies resigned in the past gave notice because her grandmother was dying, she stayed with us for a month, which was the quickest we could get a new nanny. I am concerned. Mighty concerned. In fact, I have done little all day but try to figure out a solution. Oh, and our nanny agency tells us that we should not expect to see a new candidate from them until Christmas is over. The kids, I bet, are going to be devastated.

Stress two. I am a private banking client of my bank. My bank has transferred most of its branches and thus the retail accounts in those branches to another bank. I discovered today, when I called to transfer money from private banking to checking that my original bank has kept my private accounts but mistakenly sent my retail accounts to new bank. This is unacceptable. It gets more unacceptable. To transfer funds, old bank now has to send a wire to new bank and new bank will charge me $30. Old bank agreed, in response to my delicate question, that yes, old bank will eat those fucking charges. To reunite my private and retail accounts once more might mean having to go and open totally new accounts with old bank, with all of the annoying documentation demands that entails with opening SIX NEW ACCOUNTS for four different people. As I said to private banking person, if that's the case, why should I bother? Wouldn't it be easier to simply open one new private account at a new bank? Audible gulp on the other end of the line as she began to realize that our 30 year relationship may have reached its natural termination.

So, to recap, no nanny, no cash (my extravagant $5.43 lunch went on my Visa), no sleep.

At least I have a clean desk.

That will be a consolation when they come and take me away, I assure you.

And by the way, I have managed to already reduce my stress from the time I began writing this by having an hour conversation with a new potential nanny.

Still. You know? Just, still.

Posted by Random Penseur at October 16, 2006 12:34 PM | TrackBack

It'll all come together somehow. Just keep going and try to smile, ok?

Posted by: Hannah at October 17, 2006 01:18 AM

So, basically what you're saying is that private banking is now what the rest of us peons have and always have had?


Not much of an advertisement for their rarefied services, if you ask me.


Seriously, though, take a deep breath and know that everything will sort itself out eventually.

Posted by: Kathy at October 17, 2006 03:01 PM

Eeek! I hate moments when the stress is beyond your control (like the bank). Unresolved, haning over your head...

But, at least when there's nothing you can do, there's nothing you can do...

Posted by: Jonathon at October 17, 2006 04:55 PM

I'm not I get this. If they mistakenly split up your private account and your checking accounts, couldn't they just undo those transfers?

And what the @#$% were they thinking when they passed off your accounts to a new bank where you don't even have an ATM card yet?

Hmmph. Lunch on credit. Been there. Sux.

Posted by: Tuning Spork at October 17, 2006 05:42 PM

*hugs* See, even as you write your stress is lifting. I hope the potential nanny works into the new nanny :)

Posted by: Holly at October 17, 2006 08:05 PM

Hey, you. Chin up. There's been entirely too much stress in your life lately. It's GOT to lift sometime. Right? RIGHT? Yes, you know I'm right.

Keeping a good thought, for you and yours.

Posted by: Jennifer at October 17, 2006 08:47 PM

I completely understand your stress level and the troubles you are having. Sort of. See if a comparative example will help with your coping skills:

-I am five years into a commission only sales position after having been squeezed out of mid-level corporate life.

-Said sales position is absolutely dependant upon the whim and whimsy of largely female decision makers. Less logic and more emotion than I'd prefer. At least a 6-month sales cycle and no control over the sales decision.

-My banking relationship of thirty years can now be summed by the two digits in front of the decimal point of my statement.

-My equity line is maxed.

-My credit card is maxed and suspended.

-My check-line reserve is maxed and suspended.

-My mortgage payments were three months past due until a commission check came through at the last minute.

-My income is so uneven that I can no longer budget, but must depend upon each transaction for bill payments.

-My credit score is likely below 500.

-I am too old for re-education in the traditional sense, unless a windfall occurs.

-My marketing efforts have netted negative results, just as 90% of my competitors. But they have alternate income or they are the second family income and are of the 'fiddle-dee-dee' school of professional improvement.

-I have sleep deprivation myalgia.

Something must change and I plan to change it, the details are a little sketchy though. My present situation was borne of necessity as my professional life was upended one month after my wedding and the week my construction loan closed on my house. I had to scramble and haven't stopped scrambling in five years; not the way to plan or prepare for a solid future. It is also important to understand that the best predictor of future performance is past behavior (or did I get that backward?).

So. Make your best plans and prepare to adjust according to circumstances. Best of luck with the banking changeover, nanny issues, etc., and my sincere condolences on your recent loss. I enjoy your site and look forward to future posts.


Posted by: Dan Patterson at October 18, 2006 06:19 AM

I can relate and I truly empathize.

Good luck!

Posted by: michele at October 19, 2006 07:30 AM

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