October 14, 2008

A new entry? Sure, why not?

I have not posted in a dog's age, have I? Well, I am not terribly inclined to explain other than to say that blog has been overtaken by events.

But I did have some amusing Girl Child things I wanted to share.

First, when the Viking Bride and I came home from dinner last week, we were met with the following from a new babysitter:

Babysitter: I told the Girl Child that she was quite a handful and she said to me, "I don't know how my mother handles me sometimes".

Second, I was home early on Wednesday last week and attended the last bit of the Girl Child's riding lesson. I was there long enough to grow concerned that she was not concentrating and then, boom, her pony threw her quite dramatically into a jump and she bounced off the poles and standards. Didn't even get dirty, as it turned out, since she didn't really hit the ground. It looked ugly and she was sitting there on the ground, crying. I let the instructors deal with it in the first instance. She sat there for a moment and then accepted a leg up back on to the pony and off they went to continue their jumps. Later, I asked her about the crying and why she stopped crying. This is what she told me:

Well, I couldn't figure out how to get back up on the pony and keep crying so I just stopped crying.

Tough kid.

Anyway, nice to dip a toe back in to the blog. No promises, but I sense the need for an expressive outlet again.

And who knows, maybe someone will still be reading?

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