January 08, 2007

The Girl Child's birthday party

It was held on Saturday, although her birthday is not for a couple of days yet. She had a wonderful time, bothered only by the fact that so many of the parents decided to linger for the duration of the party and chat. She complained bitterly to her mother that it was supposed to have been a drop off party. Still, she got over it. We had it at a local gym, just her, her brother, and 25 of her best friends. Guess which parent was the only parent running around with the kids during the party? That'd be me.

After the party, our college roommate and his wife and two kids and another couple and their kids came back to the house. It was 70+ degrees. We sat on the deck, worked our way through three bottles of wine, and watched the kids all play beautifully together. It was sublime; an early taste of summer. I realized that there is almost nothing that I find more relaxing than hanging out with friends, in the open air, with wine, while hearing as a background noise the cries of happy children at play.

Saturday was really quite perfect. Like nothing could go wrong. Even including, for me, having eaten enormous amounts of pizza and two pieces of birthday cake and still having gone down a pound the next morning. I believe my wife may hate me.

Posted by Random Penseur at January 8, 2007 04:25 PM | TrackBack

your wife? Heck, I hate you :-)

Glad you all had a lovely time.

Posted by: caltechgirl at January 8, 2007 05:40 PM

Pretty much anything can be sublime with a couple bottles of wine...

Posted by: grammarqueen at January 9, 2007 12:38 PM

I'm with CTG. *snort*

Actually, I am green with envy for several reasons when I read this post (again) -- not the least of which the fact that the El Nino that is treating YOU to such lovely weather has ensured we shall be in the deep freeze (lows of EIGHT DEGREES) until spring.

This Desert Flower is NOT loving the Pacific Northwest at present.

So if you get a chance, bottle up a sample of 70 degrees? I forget what that feels like.


Posted by: Just Me at January 10, 2007 02:25 PM

Even including, for me, having eaten enormous amounts of pizza and two pieces of birthday cake and still having gone down a pound the next morning.

Musta been cuzza all that running around with the kids. :)

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