March 19, 2007

Zimbabwe: checking in

I have written at length in the past about Zimbabwe and the slow motion train wreck that is was becoming over the years. I have despaired of it entirely. I despair no longer. It has ceased becoming a slow motion train wreck and become a fast moving train wreck. Amazing thing progress, no?

Zimbabwe is worsening fast. The NY Times summed it up as follows this morning:

Zimbabwe’s political stability has deteriorated in recent weeks in lockstep with its economy, now plagued by ever-steeper inflation and worsening shortages of basic commodities. The annual inflation rate is now more than 1,700 percent, and the black-market value of Zimbabwe’s beleaguered dollar plunged 57 percent last week alone, to 17,500 for one American dollar.
(Emphasis supplied).

The result? Emboldended opposition parties are forming to pressure Mugabe and to try to change things. The reaction? Beating them with iron rods, crushing skulls and eye sockets.

And as much as things change within Zimbabwe, the most influential neighbor, South Africa, does nothing. So, the more things change, once again, the more things stay the same.

Think of the effects on the people, if you will, as their savings evaporate.

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