November 02, 2007

To catch up

Well, I know that of late all you have seen on my page has been acres and acres of white space with no text to fill it up. I have been consumed with demands on my time and, with little end in sight, I am going to simply catch up in a sort of staccato bullet form entry:

*The Girl Child rode in her first horse show last weekend. She looked so mature on her horse with such beautiful posture. She rode in Short Stirrup Equitation Walk/Trot and Walk/Trot/Canter. Her instructor told me that it was a big deal to canter in her first horse show, that she had other students who had been riding in Walk/Trot for six months without cantering. She also told me that the GC had come to the attention of the senior trainers at the Club and that they were beginning to discuss her development plans. I gather that they think the GC might be something special. After I saw her handle her horse when he tried to buck her off, I might have to agree (no flinch at all on her part, she just smacked him on the neck with her crop and pulled his head around with a sharp tug of the reins with her other hand and off the horse went, quite happily -- her instructor, watching that, said to me, "and that's why the GC is so awesome; did you see that?").

*I attended, as a guest, the quarterly dinner of a PG Wodehouse club. I was asked by a senior member why I was not a member and I had to tell him it was because I had not been asked. He walked away muttering, "well, we have to change that". That was nice. The dinner was over candles in large silver candelabra and with silver pheasants on the table. It was lovely. We dined at a very small, very snappy private club on the Upper East Side in a small townhouse. The place has no sign and no markings. Very private, indeed. Great fun.

*I heard, last week, Ayaan Hirsi Ali speak. She is extraordinary. Maybe the most extraordinary person I have ever met. I intend to contribute to her protection fund and I think you should at least consider doing so, too. Also, she is so charming.

*The poor Girl Child was sent home from school on Wednesday with what turned out to be strep. In other words, she totally missed out on Halloween. I stopped at the pharmacy on the way home to get her drugs, candy, treats and then a video at the rental place. She selected her mother to stay home with her. They had a great time, ordering pizza and watching videos and playing on the swings. I took the boys out for two hours of candy gathering. The Boy Child was persistent. The Baby was happy to walk by himself for about 20 minutes. I carried him for the other 100 minutes. It was a long night but very satisfying for them both.

*Turning 40 was not a thrill. I began the day with squash and eggs benedict and ended the day by watching a professional squash tournament and then being taken out for dinner by some friends. That was great fun. I just wish I could have prevailed upon my friends not to order the Dom Perignon with dessert. That may have been the one bottle too many that accounted for my feeling older than 40 this morning when I failed to get up to go the gym. I am still dragging, actually. I think, by and large, that birthdays suck.

*I had the conversation with the Viking Bride about my turning 40. It went like this:

I think that I am going to experience my mid life crisis now that I have hit 40. I think that I would like to take a mistress. I think that I would like to start sleeping with other women.

[Pause. Silence. No reaction from the Viking Bride.]

Or, maybe I could get a puppy. What do you think?

[Cue laughter until tears ran down her cheeks.]

Regrettably, I think that I may have a better shot at a mistress (which I know I don't have the time for) than I do at a puppy (which was what I really wanted). Can't say I didn't give it a shot.

*I had an oral argument last week that ended with me being told to shut up and sit down. The judge granted the relief the other side requested and denied my application. After he gave his oral decision, I asked the record to reflect my exception to his ruling and requested that he reconsider his decision after taking the time to read the papers on the motion, most of which he had received just moments before argument began. He denied that application. I am pleased he didn't sanction me. I walked out of that court as angry as I have ever been before. It really may be time to stop litigating. I don't think I can handle any more of these lazy, incompetent, phoning it in, hack judges who do more to lower the reputation of the courts than any dishonest lawyer could do.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by yesterday to drop their birthday wishes in my comment section. I was really surprised by all the lovely comments and good wishes. Thanks so much!

Posted by Random Penseur at November 2, 2007 12:02 PM | TrackBack

While I can understand where you're coming from regarding birthdays, as I was there myself last year, my attitude has done a 180 this year. Mine's on Monday and I'm excited to be turning 37. Because, for a time, there was a real possibility I wasn't going to be around to blow out the candles on my cake, or that this was going to be my last chance. I hope I don't sound too preachy (and if I do, shoot me, because that's not what I intended) but be thankful for every year you're around, m'dear. Even if it means turning 40. ;)

As they say, forty is the new thirty. (Or at least I'm hoping it is.) Enjoy every second of it.

Posted by: Kathy at November 2, 2007 12:44 PM

A belated happy birthday. Ad multos annos!

Posted by: Mark S at November 2, 2007 02:22 PM

I another belated happy birthday!

Posted by: Holly at November 2, 2007 03:06 PM

I'd love to hear more of your impressions of Ayaan Hirsi Ali. I've never had the chance to see her in person, but I think she is extraordinary as well.

Hoping the GC is well on the road to recovery! And, BTW, I am not surprised how well she handles horses. The child seems to be fearless in an amazing way for one her age. I'm very proud of her.

Posted by: caltechgirl at November 2, 2007 03:43 PM

Was asking the judge to reconsider his decision the legal way of calling him a "butthead" in open court?

Posted by: Howard at November 2, 2007 03:50 PM

Better late than never, I hope: happy birthday, and best wishes for many more!

Posted by: nic at November 2, 2007 09:08 PM

Good god; GC is doing the equestrian thang? And her instructors are discussing her "development plans"? RP, take your wallet out now and just dump all credit cards and cash out now for all the good it will do you! Now there are lessons and classes and she looks so grown up but then she'll need a saddle if she doesn't have her own already. And as she grows, she'll need NEW saddles! Then the schooling horses won't be good enough anymore and she'll have to have her OWN horse! And with that comes training and more tack and new riding clothes as she grows and grows and bigger shows, C class, B class, A class and each one more expensive and trailering costs and... and...and...


RP!! *wails* I went through this! I know! And you know what?

It was a blast. hehehehe :P

Yes, I was very poor back then but my daughter and I were oh-so-horse-rich. HAH!

So sad GC couldn't do Halloween! :(

Ayaan Hirsi Ali? The one who did that movie "Submission"?


Okay, stop; I'm kidding. I know she isn't talking about the same thing at all. *laughs* And despite my personal desires, I'm still a feminist. I'd bitch-slap anyone who dared say all women must submit just because we're female (But if you see her again, please tell her I said, "h-a-w-t". No, really, I dare you, I double-dog-dare-you to...hahahah)

As for the puppy thing, see if Viking Bride will go for this: Get a mistress set up and, if you can prove that you can take care of her all by yourself for six whole months, THEN you can get the puppy.


I think so. *grins* (AHAHAHAHAHA!)

And tell the judge "!#@%&!*!@" That should get his attention. ;-P

Posted by: Amber at November 5, 2007 11:10 AM

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