June 13, 2008

The children's life plans

So, the kids appear to have what they want to do for a living all figured out, whether they realize it or not.

The Boy Child (aged 5 and going into kindergarten) told the Viking Bride:

When I grow up, Mamma, I want to be a client and have my office right across the street from Pappa.

Smart kid. Way better to be the client than the lawyer.

The Girl Child (aged 7 and heading to second grade), on the other hand, is showing that she has exactly what it takes to be a lawyer.

She came home from school on Monday and told me that another girl in her first grade class, a bully, cut in front of her on line. The Girl Child tapped the bully with her index finger and the bully went and told the teacher that the GC punched her.

I told the GC that she should go to school the next day and tell the bully: “You lied to the teacher about me. The next time, I am just going to punch you. That way when you get me in trouble, at least I will have done what you said”. Sort of a, if she’s got to do the time, she might as well do the crime, theory. Off she went to school and she reported back to me as follows:

GC: I saw the bully today and I told her, “You lied to the teacher about me”. And she said, “Well, you hurt me.”

Me: So, what happened next?

GC: Pappa, the well explained everything. I didn’t say anything else.

Me: What do you mean?

GC: The well explained THAT she lied and it explained WHY she lied.

Oh. Yeah, I kind of see that. The thing is, I don’t think I could have seen that at age 7.

She’s going to make an excellent lawyer.* I wonder if the Boy Child will hire her. He’d be a fool not to.

*The thing is, though, she declared that her intention is to become a riding instructor – the most expensive riding instructor in the world. Perhaps in her spare time, she can still practice law.

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They are all gems the RP offspring.

Wishing you an early Happy Father's Day.

I toast you, my friend.


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