July 17, 2004

An unexpected consequence

So, as I mentioned yesterday, I moved my archives over from Blogspot and have settled in. It's nice to have them all in one place. One thing is that they are easier to read here and easier to organize. Although, my wife does not care for the font this template/style sheet came with. Out of curiosity, is she alone on that? Anyone else dislike it?

So, the unexpected consequence of the archive move is that some brave souls are re-reading my older stuff. Older sounds more important, you see, than saying the posts from the last 90 days. And there have been a couple of comments, which is nice because I have not yet figured out how or even if I can import the Haloscan comments that went along with these original posts. Anyone ever try to do that?

It's as if the older posts have been given a new life. And I think that's kind of nice.

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