September 13, 2005

Fog descends on office, world cut off

Anyone get the reference in the title?

We had something technical explode at the office and lost all connection to the internet for the last four days. No email, no legal research, no guilty pleasures, no not so guilty pleasures, no connection to the outside world (did you miss me, world? I missed you.), no nothing.

It was kind of restful. I re-discovered the joys of solitaire. I caught up on work, on phone calls, on all sorts of stuff.

One of my phone call exchanges has been back and forth with an admin type at the Pentagon. In my next life, I want someone that efficient working for me. I imagine it must be liberating. And when you talk to people there, they are always in a hurry. Always. The speech is clipped and quick. The manner decisive. Kind of made me sit up a bit straighter in my chair while talking to them.

I have been arranging transportation and other stuff for a big shot from there who is speaking to an organization I head. The speech is tomorrow and I have to introduce him. Ought to be cool. In addition, I get to meet a Medal of Honor recipient. They are not called winners, I am told. They are called recipients. I am so far out of my league that I am totally relaxed about the experience. Really, what else can you do? Just relax and go with the flow.

What else happened while I was cut off? I have a new niece, according to my wife. My poor sister in law brought a child into the world after a scant 30 hour labor. Kids today, slackers all of 'em.

Posted by Random Penseur at September 13, 2005 04:55 PM | TrackBack

Wow, so much in such a short post. First off, congrats on the new neice! Second off, congrats on getting to meet a Medal of Honor recipient!! Third off, congrats on getting to introduce a winner-an'-a-half! Fourth off, congrats on being back on line for some guilty and not so guilty pleasures!!!!!

Okay, I'm done.

Posted by: Tuning Spork at September 13, 2005 07:27 PM

Welcome back, of course you were missed.

Congrats on all; new niece, Medal of Honor recipient intro and the return to the Internets....

Posted by: Wicked H at September 14, 2005 08:10 AM

Yep, those pentagon types are a breed of their own. I work for a Naval Reserve Capt (who just got a JAG promotion @ the pentagon). She's also an atty in civilian life with my firm.

She took some getting used to, but now I really enjoy working with her! The good thing about military people, they know and accept we're a breed of our own too - civilians, so they don't expect much from us, but when they let their hair down they're great to be around.

BTW, Yes, you were missed! I thought it was the job keeping you away! Glad you're back.

Posted by: Michele at September 14, 2005 08:26 PM

Congrats, RP!
Can I guess at the reference? I believe it was many many moons ago in London, when a fog descended on the city, and a headline in the paper read something to the effect of: Fog descends on London; continent cut off...
Oh those worldly brits!

Posted by: GrammarQueen at September 15, 2005 09:23 AM

Just came across your blog - great reading! I look forward to checking in often to see what you have to say. Especially liked the conversations with your daughter in your previous post.

Posted by: She at September 15, 2005 11:02 AM

Well, as you can see I'm back again;p I drift in and out! Can't wait to read what you have to say. Already catching up on the things you have said, but my my there's a lot of them! Guess I'll be staying up late ;)

Posted by: Zya at September 17, 2005 06:51 PM

Mazel Tov on the new neice! May she live to 120 all in good health of body mind heart and soul. How's the mom doing?

Cool about meeting the "Medal of Honor recipients".

I'd go mad if I were cut off from the internet that long! Which is problematic considering how loopy I am already. Welcome back.
(So what is your fave. solitaire? My dh is a Free Cell fanatic.)

Posted by: Rachel Ann at September 18, 2005 02:15 AM

I have to tell you.. I love these conversations that you have with your daughter. They always give me a smile. I am beginning to see small glimpses like that with my, little over, 2 year old. I look forward to having my own moments like that.

Posted by: Dr pants at September 19, 2005 05:36 AM
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